Monday, February 12, 2018

Sundays are For A Real Meal and a Six Mile Run in the Rain To Take a Break

Received two hoodies from my older sister last week so that I could tackle the arctic on winter runs. The trouble has been that since they arrived the temperatures have been higher than 32 degrees! Ah, but after a day of pouring rain and fog, I looked out at the muck and said, "You need to run, Crandall. You need to blow off some steam!" and then you put on a hoodie to act like an umbrella.

It was a fantastic run, too, although running in a hoodie during the rain is like running with a wet towel on your head. My feet, too, were drenched, but in all honesty it felt wonderful.

I was on my arse from 7 a.m. until around 4 p.m. doing work yesterday. I knew a run would rejuvenate me to get back to work after I ate dinner.

Which I did.

I love my green beans, mushrooms, cranberries and almonds mix. Easy to make, colorful, and tasty. I was back at the work by 6 pm and went straight through until talking to Chitunga from 9 until 10:30...our Sunday night catch-up call.

I'm not sure what people did before FaceTime. It's my happiest time of the week (and fingers are crossed that he might be home for the summer with a possible internship in CT). That would be great.

The house was still not cleaned this weekend, but laundry was done. One class is almost ready to go and I have another one on the back burner with many ideas flying through my head (I know colleagues make fun of me for thinking about classes so much, but I rarely can do the same thing twice - I have to resurrect what works and doesn't work each year, as I trade one book for another and get to know my students who are rarely the same from year to year). It keeps me on my toes.

This is a week of meetings, followed by meetings, followed by meetings. I've yet to understand how they work, but 24 years in a profession, I know they are part of what one does in a career, even if they rarely accomplish anything.

Here's to another week and all the crazy that is sure to come. I have leftovers so I should be good for a few days.

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