Sunday, February 4, 2018

Throwback to February 2015 (Later in the Month) When We Moved Into Mt. Pleasant

I was deleting old photos to get some of my computer's memory back, when I came across pictures of the first night we moved into the new house. We debated on whether to stay at the place we rented or if we should just jump in and make it our home the first day we got the keys.

Obviously, we jumped in (and the rug for the kitchen ended up in Chitunga's room). Hmmm, I might just want to claim that downstairs again.

It's hard to believe that we've been here for 3 years, but when I put it into perspective with summers, guests, jobs, classes, cars, chores, and parties, I realize that the three years flew by rather quick.

Last night I sat in my house with Glamis at my side thinking, "Crandall, you've become boring in your old age. A Saturday night and all you did was read and retire early."

Actually, I knew I had a 5K this morning and I worked on grading all day; I was fried and didn't want anything exciting to ware me out more than I already was.
So I went through old photos while watching the first Hunger Games and found some from the night we first stayed in the house. Each of us slept in our rooms on the floor. I think we managed to get the mattresses in, but not the frames.

Funny, too, because it was a horrible winter, I moved a lot on my own, and the end result was the hernia I didn't take care of for a year (which begged for my sister and mom to come take care of me a year later for the surgery and recovery).

Looking at the empty house photos, I begin to think that there might be something to minimalism. I like the vacancy and cleanliness of it all. I have too much stuff now and it all needs to be sorted, cleared, dusted and swept.

I guess this is all to say I'm lucky. I found a great location and space to settle for a while and this home has crafted many memories and stories in a very short time. Here's to it all. 

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