Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Stolen from @jennifer_s_dail on Facebook, But Still a Gift Nonetheless.

Look! An Ubuntu circle of wind-up toys! And, No! They aren't adult toys as the box suggested, but are toys for adults to occupy their brain in moments where extreme silliness are needed.

With the crazy weather phenomena of Oklahoma City and Stillwater, I wanted to do a shout-out to three individuals who have been rocks for this last year - NWP peeps who get the work, celebrate teachers, and do everything possible to support children. I knew I wanted to send wind-up toys. I had no idea that I'd be able to find collections online.

They were sent, and yesterday (and over the weekend) they were posted as they arrived.

This one takes the case, however, as Dr. Dail's assistant suggested to her over the phone, "You received a package, but I'm not sure I should open it. It says adult toys."

I can only imagine the imagination that was sparked by that one.

I believe permission was given to open the package and lo and behold, this wasn't a gift from Hugh Hefner, but this clown with his heads in the clouds. Cumulous Crandall creativity.

I'm simply thankful that they found their ways to the homes they were purchased for: joy, funk, spunk, humor, silliness, games, and happiness. That is what I've received from Drs. Shelbie Witte, Jennifer Dail and Susan James this year.

I'm thankful.

Yesterday, I was enroute from sunshine and heat to cold and a third nor'easterner in 11 days. Bring it on. I have plenty to do, including the perusal of several books sent to me by Crown Publishing. I love my Penguin Random House ARCs, including Nic Stone's Odd One Out.

Tunga made it safe to Syracuse and I am sheltered in Connecticut. The toys are with their winders and all is well in the universe (if only for a slight time).

Play on, kids! Play on!

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