Monday, February 26, 2018

After 48 Hours Behind a Computer Screen Editing, I Want To Be Oedipus. Remove My Eyes

To the left is how I have dreamt the last two nights. I fault this because I've spent my days behind computer screens reading student work from last summer and, really late, put editing touches on POW - Power of Words, our summer publication of student work.

The college essays, Ubuntu Academy, and Project Citizen provide unique reads and original ideas. Our young novelists are infatuated with dialogue, Harry Potter-esque stories, vampire romance, and teenage tragedy.

The dialogue, though. They love their dialogue to move a story along. The middle school kids, too, like to call every paragraph they write a chapter - phew. They're paragraphs!

221 pieces of 3rd - 12th grade writing. I didn't mean for my eyes to cross, but that is what editing of young writers does to a fellow.

When I took a break to run, or when I took time out to walk Glamis (needing to find breaks between the bursts of rain), this is all I could see. Flashing lights that comes from spending too much time behind a screen.

I'm sure the flashing is annoying you, too. It is, however, the perfect metaphor and with that, "Welcome back, Monday. Now go away."

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