Tuesday, February 27, 2018

It's a Crandall Thing, I'm Still Trying To Understand (& I Have 46 Years of Trying)

On Sunday night, talking to Chitunga, he was wearing a t-shirt my parents got him for Christmas. I thought, "Wait, didn't they buy me one of those, too?" and sure enough, I found it in a pile of holiday gifts that I still haven't put away.

I decided to wear it yesterday, because it seemed pertinent.

In the last week, I scored over 40 writing portfolios (about 1,000 pages), edited 221 pieces of student writing for a publication of POW (over 200 pages), assessed over 100 poems for peace for the Poetry For Peace annual contest, and even traveled to Atlanta for the fancy chicken McNugget.

So on a Monday, with a road to good intentions, I was driven to achieve my daily goals when an opportunity presented itself to write a $1,000 grant that is due Wednesday. I had to scratch everything and put my focus at the opportunity. Why? Because, if funded, the money will go to kids and that's what I'm all about. I spent the day distracted to write a 10-page proposal, just for the chance...

...just for the chance...

and that is the dance, "It's a Crandall Thing (you wouldn't understand)." I love this shirt and I had to laugh when Chitunga had it on Sunday night, because part of my parental scoffing was that he needs to chill out from time to time to take a break. Yes, he went to a college party on Saturday - woot woot - but he's pretty hardworking the other 7 days a week. Everything I want to reprimand him for I have to say, "Guilty as charged."

I'm sure other Crandalls in our crew might not agree with what the "Crandall Thing" actually is, but for the two of us, it's pretty obvious.

I love my new shirt and know I could wear it every day (thanks Mom and Dad) because it summarizes it all (the 14 hour days, the travel, the constant projects and inability to chill out). Phew.

I looked at my calendar. Yes, I talked Chitunga into taking a short break during HIS spring break, and we will do this, but I looked at my spring break - the week that follows, and WHOA! I'm way overcommitted during my time off! Two states, 4 presentations, and political work. What was I thinking? Happy holiday to me!

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