Wednesday, February 28, 2018

My Once A Year Focus Group Contribution (When Opinions Matter, I Guess)

I love when I get a call to be part of a focus group, especially when I sit around a table with 9 other people and just observe, occasionally offering my opinion. I think I'm more fascinated by the work that goes into something like billing, and the ways information is laid out on a piece of paper.

Okay, I'll share what I think for two Ulysses S. Grant, an investment in a dinner somewhere (although my favorite focus group was a summer dinner with Abu, Lossine, Chitunga and Pam after a crazy @#$ summer, and it was the goodbye party while the twins returned back to Syracuse).

No, I don't need color in my bills. No, too much terminology is a distraction. No, I don't read all the extra inserts that come in the envelope. Yes, I am the guy who takes everything out and rips off the bottom part. I just need the bill. There's no need for any other distractions.

I'm glad you care. I'm glad to be paid for my thoughts, and if only bills floated at me for every opinion I have... about the hours in a day and how there's never enough of them.

Ah, but this hour paid off and I will invest this spontaneous cash in something else that is spontaneous.

I don't think I'm eligible for a focus group for another year, and when my demographic matches theirs, I'm always excited. I guess they needed a White homeowner male. Normally, I don't have opinions about the layout of a bills, but if they're asking (and paying), I can contribute a thought here and there.

So, I did.

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