Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Holding My Breath Like a School Boy (or Teacher) Watching The Weather Channel

It's been a long time since I went to bed holding my breath in anticipation of morning announcements. The storm is supposed to bring 1-3 inches on the coast, followed by ice, followed by rain. Normally, I tap my inner-Syracuse and think, "Fools. This is nothing."

But, I'm tired. I've been working through weekends to keep up and this week, I am way overbooked. It's the luck of timing and I am hoping something might give. Of course, being an educator, I've prepared for the multiple scenarios that may ensue.

Scenario one: Life as usual, which means I need to be in Redding at 7:30 a.m. for portfolio scoring. This requires me to be out of the house by 6:45, only to leave Redding at 9:40 a.m. to be on campus by 10 a.m. to greet 30 6th graders for a tour of campus and then a 2.5 hour turbo course with undergraduates.

Scenario two: No Redding and I can sleep in a little and better prepared for 6th graders and turbo course.

Scenario three: Redding, but not 6th graders. I have no doubt that the turbo class will be happening.

Scenario four: No Redding, no 6th graders and just the turbo course (this is where I am like, "Please, please, please, please let this be." I need sleep (well, until 7:30) and I need time for being on top of the turbo class. I haven't had a second to be on top of my game like I usually am, because last night I taught a graduate course followed by a Saugatuck Story Fest Teen Board meeting.

And I know that the 2nd day of portfolio scoring is a sure thing.

I'm fried. My email is up to 586 unread emails needing my attention. I need space to slide through this week with greater ease.

It's up to Liam, however. It's up to district officials to interpret safety for kids as Liam does what it does. So, I'm holding my breath on a Wednesday, but am not very optimistic. I anticipate exhaustion and crazy, no matter what evolves.

This just in. 

Scenario five (which I never imagined). No Redding, no 6th graders, and no day classes on campus as all offices are closed. I didn't see that one coming. Of course, I won't be able to go back to sleep. Really wasn't expecting this one.

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