Thursday, March 8, 2018

Either Way, I Will Make Today & Every Day, The Best It Can Be. But Man We Need a Break

I taught my undergraduate course, even though the University closed once again on a Wednesday. It was not even raining or snowing, so why they closed is beyond me. I also got a 5 mile run in while Chitunga went to the gym using my pass. I said, "If they question you, you simply tell them you and I have been prepping for Key West." He had no problem. And I ran great thinking, today I might not have to dress like a Syracusian to run.

It started snowing at 2, but it didn't start sticking until around 3 or so.

I looked up fast chicken recipes (after I had a pulled chicken/omelet for lunch -Pam said, "That's a little too before and after for me. How could you eat an egg with chicken? Never thought of that before), and settled with one that was easy. Stuff a chicken breast with spices, Feta and Gorgonzola cheese, cover in a parmesan, tomato sauce, and bake for 45-minutes.

It was killer. I will do it again.

While it baked, I shoveled. It took me around 45 minutes to get the snow off the porch and driveway. The first hour was slush, so shoveling was playing with Snoopy Snow Cone Machine. It was heavy, but I got it done.

Chitunga and I ate (I love when I find time to cook), and he went back to his world of numbers and I went to mine with words. I looked out at 7 pm and it was a white out. By 9 pm it looked like it stopped, so I headed out to the driveway once more. Another 5 inches fell followed by freezing rain. It was heavy, but I figured if I got rid of it at night, it would be easier to get out tomorrow.

We're so hoping we're able to get out. We want sun. We want a small break. We deserve it. We have no clue what will happen. The storm is supposed to do until 4 a.m. and at 11 pm, it seems to have stoped. Fingers crossed. We've received no alerts yet from the airlines.

I know my lily-white legs and psoriasis will love the opportunity to get vitamin D. We shall see. If it doesn't happen, it's good. Chitunga is such a great sport and already has ideas to make the best of it no matter what happens.

Something will happen. What? Well I guess tomorrow's post will be the answer. 

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