Friday, March 2, 2018

If I Wake Up This Morning, It Will Be Miraculous Because I Deserve a Deep Sleep

It's Friday and I believe there's a storm coming (but I have no idea if it is bringing rain, snow, or a mixture of both. I just don't want it to be cold).

It's Friday, and my brain needs to take some time off (just a little break to stop the spastic, cerebral, non-stop labor that has been the week).

It's Friday, and last night at the very last minute, I was able to submit to the Literacy Research Association a paper proposal for the 2018 December conference. Although much of my academic family is there (especially my Syracuse peeps), I've been too active with NCTE and NWP to find a way to make LRA each year. Still, with Marcelle in such a tremendous leadership role, I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't submit a paper).

Miracle of all miracles, I somehow got a paper in - not sure if it makes as much sense as it would if I had time to work on it, but it is what it is. Fingers crossed it is good enough for reviewers so they give me space to be able to hug, applaud, and admire all of Marcelle's vision in California for the conference.

Ah, but yesterday. I was in my office by 8 a.m. preparation for a conversation about service learning and community-engaged scholarship. By 11:30, I was back in my office chiseling away at the paper. By 2, I had a meeting with librarians from two high schools doing a cool, collaborative project with young adult literature (mixing two school communities where I will be brought in as a consultant and guide). By 3, I was meeting with the financial officer on campus about final touches on a grant I needed to submit. By 4, I realized I had to present at Central High School's Family Literacy Night and needed to get my thought in order. By 4:15, I realized 135 unread emails came in. By 4:16 I read a rejection email for a piece I wrote in collaboration with teachers about Ubuntu Academy, and by 4:17 I read that I received a $15,000 grant in support of the summer writing programs. By 4:18 I realized I had an hour to get to Central.

By 5:30 I was presenting (and I went over m allotted time - imagine that).

By 7:00 I was home working on the proposal some more and by 11:00 I simply submitted it. By 11:30 I decided to write this post so I wouldn't have to get up and write it in the morning.

Bring on the storm and the weekend - any days that are free for creating and not kidnapped for meetings and face to face commitments are productive days.

This guy needs sleep, but I sure did love working with the Central High School teachers, parents and kids. It is a special school and I wish I had more time to hang out with them!

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