Saturday, March 3, 2018

When Academic Brain is in Full Force, Sleep, No Matter How Hard I Try, Disappears

Around 11 a.m. yesterday, I needed to take a cat nap. I can't nap, but sometimes I pretend I can. I wrote yesterday that my goal was to sleep in on Friday morning, but the truth is I couldn't get my geek brain turned off. Meeting deadlines and prepping for the weekend, which means MUCH prepping for the week ahead, meant that I tossed and turned all night.

I got maybe three hours sleep, so Friday in my office (and I was dressed like a reject super hero in running pants, shorts that didn't match, and my hoodie). I closed my eyes for a couple of minutes in humor, because I couldn't look at my screen anymore, but I quickly woke myself up. Three national presentations next week, two classes, and several meetings. On Thursday, however, the kid and I are heading for sun - a much needed Atlantic ocean break that neither one of us are accustom to. Palm trees, penguins, dolphins, and sand. 85 degrees, too. Yesterday's weather was a metaphor for the week. Winds, rain, chaotic branches flying across the streets, and closed schools.

At least it wasn't Syracuse. There was no snow.

Perfect day to work in the office, which I did until 5, before coming home and almost falling asleep on my front porch as I went to get the mail. Talked to my mom, then decided to clean and do laundry. Somehow I got a second wind and I rejuvenated for Friday soap operas: Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder, which I watched on demand. Nice drama to end the week - a little hyped and a lot of shark-jumping (Fonzie), but I was entertained.

The winds still blew. Glamis chewed her bones.  I thought about a Manhattan. Made one. Made my bed. Fridays for aging people. Enoy.

But today, it's Saturday, and there's more work to get done.

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