Sunday, March 4, 2018

A Cluckingly Ridiculous Saturday...With a Cluck Cluck Here and a Cluck Cluck There

Before I settled in for a night of grading (yes, I looked like a crazed chicken by the end of it), I served as a bodyguard for a perfume sale at a Starbucks in Orange. Pam needed company from a twin brother because she was selling a substantial perfume collection to a man who drove down from Boston. Just in case, Patrick, Kaitlyn and I came with flexed muscles.

The sale went down, but on the way there and back, the Kellys began communicating in clucks - a family tradition I had never heard before. Patrick and his mother clucked their conversation with one another, before it turned into "Name That Cluck," a series of songs sung to one another as if chickens.

"Only Bryan would join this ridiculousnesss," said Kaitlyn. "He doesn't even blink an eye."

Of course I joined in - why wouldn't I? Singing the Star Spangled Banner in chicken voice is absolutely a brilliant way to spend one's life and making clucking noises in stores is absolutely how I roll.

Kaitlyn later did a search for YouTube videos with the hypothesis that others probably have uploaded their own clucking talents.

Of course they have.

Included in her finds was a whole channel by Big Marvel dedicated to his rubber chicken harmonizing to popular songs like Despacito (see below).  I haven't clucked this much ever.

Yep. That's how it is in Crandall's world. Clucking ridiculous.

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