Monday, March 5, 2018

No Ice! No Earthquakes! No Tsunamis! No Nor'easteners! Today, It is @ShelbieWitte's Vision

First off, Go Stags! Congratulations Sydney Johnson on getting this year's team to the championship game of the MAACs tournament.

Second, and more importantly, 21st Century Literacies Lecture Series: Literacies for a Better World, Redux!

We got this.

I'm thrilled to be part of tonight's conversation alongside Anna Smith from Illinois State University where we will both have the opportunity to shout-out to the many communities that have made it possible to do the work we do. It's been a ride, but anyone who knows my world and has been with me from the start recognizes that the previous cancellation is a Crandall reality. The ice storm that hit Oklahoma was 150% my fault. It wasn't Dr. Witte's karma - she has been nothing but exceptional for her entire career. Nope, the gray clouds follow me. I take full responsibility that the state of Oklahoma was paralyzed when we previously were scheduled to me. Sean Connors and Kathy Mills, too (who will present on Thursday) need to know that the storm was following me, and I apologize. I should have warned everyone that this is the sort of thing that has simply become Crandall world. I'm used to it, but I feel bad for others that get caught in the crazy.

Tonight, however, at 7:30 CST/6:30 EST the lecture series continues. I am beyond excited to be part of this event, and can't applaud Shelbie Witte enough. She is miraculous.

And last night I was part of another event - a more local one - when CT teachers gathered to discuss argumentative writing through the C(3)WP; I had the pleasure of catching up with stellar educators, including Rich Novack of Fairfield Warde, who have been working with the incredible tools offered by the National Writing Project. I'm always amazed when K-12 teachers give up a couple hours on a Sunday night to reflect on practice and to share their accomplishments in the classroom.

Yesterday, too, I achieved a morning run, but then spent a vast majority of my day making sure my i's were crossed and t's were dotted (yes, that was intentional). I prepped for classes for Tuesday and Wednesday knowing that (1) Chitunga is coming home for Spring Break, (2) I have another ZOOM session after class on Tuesday night, (3) 30 7th graders will be working with my undergraduates on Wednesday (if the weather permits) and (4) a flight to warmer weather is awaiting the Crandall's later this week - if only for a couple of days.

Also: a winter storm is chanced for Wednesday, too, so I have the usual 3-tiered preparation: ZOOM class, class with just Fairfield University students, or class with Fairfield University students and 30 7th graders (which is the optimum way everything will roll out).

Teaching in the northeast, I tell you.

But today, besides a faculty meeting, a BHEA meeting, student advising and more classroom preparation, my mind is all about Oklahoma and the incredible opportunity they've allowed me through the Divergent Award.

I can't wait!

Now, to wear a tie or to wear a box that I can think out of....hmmmm.

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