Sunday, March 11, 2018

Saw My Chickens and Found My Six-Toed Hemingway Cats. I'm All Good.

 We got out of the house early, so we'd have time to reach the southernmost region of the U.S. without having long lines to post in front of the buoy. We also walked to the Ernest Hemingway house, where all 47 six-toed cats graciously greeted us, and the tour guide seemed to have an affinity with them (let's just say Crazy Cat Lady to the nth degree). It was a beautiful property and the cats - who live a better life than all of us in the United States - seem to be doing better than 9 life. They have it made with their own veterinarian, health care, in- and out-door housing, and full feeding regimen. Being a Hemingway cat is definitely a luxurious way to go.

We also visited the the Little White House, President Truman's abode, and did a tour of the premises - such an interesting way to spend the morning. We learned a lot in a very short time, before heading out to the water for a long walk and later the pool for a swim.

I knew I'd regret not booking a longer time. Tunga needs to be back at school by Tuesday (after calling it off for a day) and I have to be in DC by Wednesday. We got our mini-break, which it has been about all along, and a little more bonding time.

I think I did better about staying away from work than he did.

Another highlight from yesterday was going into Judy Blume's bookstore, although she wasn't working. I'm hoping I'll be able to catch her tomorrow morning before we drive up to Miami before getting a hotel in Ft. Lauderdale.

This could be an easy life to get used to, but this is also what I say when I visit Amagansett. My Aunt and Uncle have figure out the exact way to live in retirement. Wake up, sun, breakfast, a walk, more sun, lunch, a tour or two, a walk, more sun, the pool, the news, a late dinner, and bedtime. Repeat.

It's quite a great way to spend time.

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