Saturday, March 10, 2018

Just Wanted To See a Key West Chicken (and Maybe a 6-Toed Cat)

I didn't know much about Key West, except for a few stories about chicken-take overs and how the island was inundated with feathered bird looking to cross the road. Since arriving to Key West, I've been looking for the peckered-creatures hoping I'd see these infamous aviary wonders.

Well, we went to Old Town today and there were a few chickens, yes, as well as tourists galore.

It wasn't until we went into a shopping plaza on the way back, so that Sue could get blueberry muffins for the morning, that a Rooster (wild-n-out) in the bushes of Key West decided to cockle-doodle-doo and let his presence be known. Sure enough, I found the stray outside a Ross's and Publix.

It took me a while, but I got his photo.

Yes, there are wild chickens and roosters in Key West. Today, too, I hope to find the 6-toes felines at Ernest Hemingway's hold home.

Poor guy just wanted to be left alone.

Ah, but the sunlight allowed for a 4 mile walk, a 3.5 mile run, a tour of the downtown aquatic areas, and two games of because volleyball for dessert - it wasn't just about the chickens.

Lots of tourists in these parts: traffic, noise, a mission for partying, and a need to get away.

The hospitality of the 'tives, too, is stupendous and we can't go wrong with the view, the kindness, and the willingness to show us around town.

The stay is short, but we will soak in as much as humanly possible in such a short array of time.  I honestly could lay on the beach for several weeks, if not forever.

Looking around, am thinking that many people have decided to do just this. Florida definitely has its shares of beach bums.

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