Saturday, April 14, 2018

Going Into the Weekend with a Giant "Ugh" - I'm Trying to Get It Done!

And I entered yesterday with ambitious goals. Whereas I only had two face-to-face meetings, I said, "Crandall, you need to get these midterms done."

Why? Well, finals will come in shortly (like 3 weeks). I simply have not had a second to get to them (just like I haven't found a second to do a last read/edit of our summer book from 2017). There's just not enough time in the day.

So, I committed myself to my house on the first REAL spring day where the temperatures were in the mid-70s. Okay, I did run and I did walk the dog, but after my meetings I simply sat on my are, read, and graded. I said, "You must get this far by midnight or else!"

Whoops. It was "or else."

Actually, I was two project behind where I wanted to be. At midnight, I just couldn't read or think about another one. My students are going to kill me. They want these back so they can work on their finals. I simply need a few more hours.

And my award? Well, I can grade all the weekly writing they've submitted since they turned in the midterms a few weeks ago. It never ends (and this has nothing to do with the planning and instruction that is around the corner.

That meme says it all.

On a good note, however, is that I've set these goals because (a) I want to attend a University function this afternoon (although it is all day and I simply can't do that, and (b) I want to celebrate the birthdays of my friends later tonight.

If ever I could use Hermione's time stopper, it would be now.

You chose this career, Crandall. You get what you deserve!

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