Saturday, April 7, 2018

For the Heroes of Oklahoma (The Teachers) & For @shelbiewitte (A Friend)

Disclaimer: (1) Once again, I can't help but be rhythmic with a Seussian Prose (as every student I ever taught already knows), (2) I once did the math for how much I made an hour while teaching. I figured it was below minimum wage, but after factoring nights, weekends, after school obligations, holiday hours, and summer work, I learned I was mistaken. I made about $6.35 an hour at the time, it was a dollar above minimum wage, (3) Teaching is a beautiful profession, but too few respect it as such, (4) Teachers tend not to ask for much, but when their mouths are duct taped, their hands are tied behind their backs, they're cut at the knees, and they are expected to swim Olympic pools in record time with no support, then there's a reason to fight. (5) I'm shaking my head. This is not the America I believe in. Every vote matters, Oklahoma. Make the world a better place.

For the Heroes of Oklahoma (The Teachers)

“Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education”
                                                ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

The true goal of education is character,
intelligence, and a willingness to take a stand,
and for these reasons I write this morning
to give Oklahoma a poetic hand,
to counter the grand-stand of ignorance & the silliness of fools,
       who give the nation a bad name (such monsters, such ghouls).
 who haven’t a clue about the power of what teachers do,
they don't know the brilliance of educators (yes, that's you! You! You!): 
the dreamers & thinkers, the mentors & the sages
who bring forth hope to generations 
      as we've done for ages and ages,
(and we deserve more respect 
within the historical pages).

The true goal of education is intelligence,
and we watch Oklahoma with suspense
for what their “leaders” will bring forward,
Will it be smart? Will it be dense?
Will they bring rationality or, once again, choose political nonsense?

Okla humma, red people, 46th to join this land,
We see you! We know you! The bravery to take a stand,
and Sooner, not later, the willingness to give a hand,
to applaud what you do because we know your work is grand!

Labor ominia vincit, your motto,
the labor to conquer all,
let the political parties fall
    back into classrooms, and libraries, 
        towards bookshelves and schools,
           where they can read more, think more,
to realize they've been fools.

Be the Redbuds and bloom with hope for a better state,
for the nation sees you and continues to grow more irate
by the arrogance and ignorance, their total lack of respect
(greed, pride & gluttony, such evils, we suspect).

For they haven’t a clue of what it means to be true
to the young people, this country, the investment in tomorrow.
Such governance is pitiful - brings about sorrow,
And if I can borrow from Allan Bloom,
      about closing the American mind,
             these policy makers fail democracy,
                 they lack vision, they’re cruel and unkind.

“Education is the movement from darkness to light,”
and for this reason, Oklahoma Teachers,
We say solidify. Unite. 
We salute you. We see you. We encourage you to fight,

& be like Flycatchers, scissor-tailed,
continuing the justice flight.
     Represent America, a DEMOCRACY -
Keep doing what you know is right.

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  1. Thanks so much, Bryan! We need to post more of the signs that our Oklahoma teachers create for everyone to see! There is an impressive show brain power and creativity circling the capitol! They've woven in the patronizing comments thrown at them and turned them into clever come-backs! The way you wove OK symbols into this poetic tribute is just one more artifact of the intellectual resolve of all teachers everywhere! Thanks for the support!!